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This course is included in SEO Box is a membership training programme to help web professionals, agencies and clients with SEO.

SEO Box Standard Membership - £67 per month

With an SEO Box Standard Membership you have access to all my SEO strategies and tactics.

Start with the Fast Track SEO Training Guide to improve your organic traffic, build links, create new ranking content and tap into the best keyword research strategies.

In addition you have access to 39 SEO training modules plus Ask Me Anything every Monday.
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SEO Box Extra + SEO Mini Plans - £99 per month

For customers who join the SEO Box Extra + SEO Mini Plans option, you gain access to all SEO Box Standard Membership training modules.


I produce 2 SEO Mini Plans for you or any client website you’re working on.

2 Mini SEO Plans cost £99 x 2 = £189.

So for £99 per month you’re saving £99 plus £59 = £158 per month.
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SEO Box Premium + 2 SEO Mini Plans + Content Creation - £349 per month

If you want my team to write the content for the 2 SEO Mini Plans, then choose this plan.

So every month, you will have access to all SEO Box Standard Membership training modules.


You get 2 SEO Mini Plans per month


You get the content written for you.

  • This will be 2000 words per topic researched
  • 1 x copy revision
  • Grammar tested
  • Copyscaped test so you know the content is unique and original
  • You’ll get a downloadable Google Doc
  • Easy copy and paste into your content management system
  • 4 days turnaround after SEO Mini Plan approved

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What's included in SEO Box Standard Membership?

Inside SEO Box I share all my SEO strategies, tactics and resources.
I have field tested what has worked and share this knowledge with subscribers.

Every 2 weeks you'll receive another SEO resource or tactic you can implement.

Every Monday, I post a resource, question or SEO related content to the Ask My Anything section.
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SEO Box provides learning access to an array of SEO courses such as keyword research, WordPress SEO, planning an SEO site, planning content, link building and Ask Me Anything.
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What will I learn ?

What will I learn ?

The number of searches on Google keeps growing and interest in SEO is higher than any other form of internet marketing.

You will learn:

Keyword Research strategies

You'll learn advanced keyword research strategies that will you identify what prospect customers are looking for and clicking on.

You'll learn what keywords and topics to pursue.

Content Frameworks and Creation

You will learn what content you need to create and how to create it so it ranks and earns traffic or links.

Link building strategies

You learn why links are still the number one ranking factor and how to earn them.

Conversion strategies

Once you've earned traffic from Google you'll learn how to convert traffic into subscribers or customers.

Resources and a shoulder to lean on

I'll share my resources, suppliers and software I use plus you'll have a shoulder to lean on and someone to listen and answer the questions you have.

What do I get ?

You will start with the Fast Track SEO Learning Course where you will learn how to improve rankings, traffic and how to confidently new content to earn traffic and links.

Ask Me Anything

As part of your membership you have a shoulder to lean on regarding SEO.

Leave a question in the private post box and I'll reply.

All for £67 a month.
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Happy to recommend you to anyone looking for advanced on-page SEO help.
Brian Dean
We have used Fraser for keyword research for our clients. He's excellent and would highly recommend him.
Colm McGrath
Reasons to be cheerful; my organic traffic from Google is up 43% on last year."
Richard England
Big shoutout to Fraser on his keyword research / content ideas service. My traffic has increased 89% in one month. 
Adam Watson

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