Advanced Keyword Research with Ahrefs by Fraser McCulloch

Advanced Keyword Research with Ahrefs

Advanced keyword research with Ahrefs course. This course and 22 other training modules are included in SEO Box for £67 per month.

Why pay for this keyword research training course ?

Just because you buy a tool doesn't mean you know how to get results from it.

Ahrefs is the best keyword research tool on the market but you'll need to have invested hundreds of hours to get value from it.

These lessons teach you 16 keyword research strategies you can implement; FAST.

You can purchase Advanced Keyword Research with Ahrefs as a standalone training course.

Or it's included free of charge within my SEO Box subscription.

What's included?

Video Icon 25 videos


Doing keyword research for the first time
11 mins
Ahrefs Overview
11 mins
1 - Keyword Research for an existing website
2 mins
2- Premium keyword research tools
4 mins
Ahrefs versus Semrush
9 mins
Keyword research strategies
3 - Search volume is misleading, instead identify click volume
3 mins
4 - Pick a topic not a keyword
3 mins
5 - Too hard to rank for
6 mins
6 - The cobbler’s children has no shoes
4 mins
7 - Targeting what people are looking for
8 mins
8 - Pick a big topic
9 mins
9 - Small Topics
3 mins
10 - Keyword research when you don't know the client's market
5 mins
11. Targeting suppliers
5 mins
12 - Researching industry body websites
5 mins
13 - Keyword research for comparative searches
5 mins
15 - Keyword research for finding backlinks
8 mins
Low Competition Strategies
Low Competition Topic Ideas part 1
5 mins
Low Competition Topic Ideas part 2
5 mins
Low Competition Topic Ideas part 3
5 mins
Low Competition Topic Ideas part 4
4 mins
Low Competition Topic Ideas part 5
9 mins
Picking a low competition topic that's easy to rank with high traffic
14 mins
Content Ideas from Page 2 Traffic Analysis
11 mins
Before and After Keyword Research
Before and After Keyword Research
18 mins


We have a marketing agency in NZ and have used Fraser for keyword research for our clients.

He's excellent and would highly recommend him.
Colm McGrath

SEO Box Membership

This course is included in SEO Box membership.

SEO Box is a monthly membership programme where I teach SEO strategies that you can implement.

SEO Box currently includes the following courses.

  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit
  • How to plan and structure a website
  • Create SEO content
  • Content Promotion on autopilot
  • Fix website bounce rates.

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Can you do the keyword research for me ?

I teach how to do keyword research in this course so that service is included.

But if you drop a comment in the posts other members or myself could help you out one time.

Why Ahrefs ?

I've been using research and SEO tools for 14 years, Ahrefs is the best by miles.

Sure SEMRush has some nice keyword magic ideas and content generation tools but Ahrefs blows them away.

Keyword difficulty measurement, size of backlink database, site audit tool and more importantly top 10 click results analysis.

Do I need an Ahrefs subscription?

Yes it helps but if you don't have it there is a 7 day trial for $7.