Infographic Link Building by Fraser McCulloch

Infographic Link Building

A step by step guide to building links with infographics

What's infographic link building ?

Infographics, information contained in a graphic format, are one of the most popular methods of earning links to your website.

What's included?

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Introduction to Infographic Link Building
2 mins
Biggest Mistakes
1 min
1 min
Find those who already link to similar infographics
3 mins
Step by step
Using Ahrefs to find popular infographic topics
8 mins
Find your angle
8 mins
Infographic Data and Templates
7 mins
Add infographic to your web page
7 mins
Find and export referring domains
10 mins
Find email addresses
9 mins
Email Outreach part 1
6 mins
Email Outreach part 2
7 mins
Email Outreach part 3
11 mins
Email Outreach part 4
3 mins
Marketing Your Infographic
5 mins
Infographic Link Building Competitor Backlinks.mp4
7 mins
Summary Guide Downloads
Download the summary guide
Infographic Link Building Step by Guide.pdf
75.8 KB
Infographic Link Building Step by Guide.docx
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