Keyword Research Strategies

How to use Search Console for higher rankings and traffic

9 Ways to use Ubersuggest for better SEO

These 9 strategies will help improve your seo and traffic.

1000 + Clicks

Over 130 researched keywords where there's over 1000 clicks a month to the top ranked pages.

Keyword Research Planning For Your Content Plans

Keyword Research Planning for your Content Plans.
How do you choose what to research to do and put into your content plan ?

12 things Ahrefs can do for SEO, content marketing and earning traffic

2 things Ahrefs can do for SEO, content marketing and earning traffic.
Ahrefs is pricey but it can do things free keyword and analysis tools

Competitor Advertising

How to find out competitors advertising and use it for SEO.

Low Domain High Traffic

These are 61 high traffic pages that were published this year and earn over 500 visits per month. 

Combating Zero Click Searches

This course outlines 4 strategies to combat zero click searches - a trend that poses a threat to organic search traffic and SEO marketing.

Evaluation of Alternatives

This course will teach you one of the 4 stages in the consumer purchase process.

Keyword Research Strategies for Web Professionals

This module includes keyword research and link building tactics for web professionals.

SEO Website Audit

There are various tools on the market to audit a website. Screaming frog, Deep Crawl and even doing a search query using But I prefer to use the Ahrefs site audit tool as it’s part of the Ahrefs subscription plan. You can detect on page and technical issues and present the issues and solution to your team or clients. This course will teach you how to audit an existing website.
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Advanced Keyword Research with Ahrefs

This is a 16 part keyword research online training course using Ahrefs. You will either need an Ahrefs subscription or take out the 7 days trial for $7. Ahrefs is my secret weapon when it comes to keyword research, content creation and link building. I have never revealed these strategies in public before. 
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Keyword Research for a new website

How to do keyword research for a new website. This training course will guide you step by step, using a real project, how to research, choose and map out the pages and structure for a new service website.