Link Intent

This is a training course teaching you how to earn links to your website without email outreach.

A few words from me

I'll be adding 4 new training modules in the next month to the 40+ modules SEO Box already contains.

I just stumbled across your article !

I believe we've reached the point where cold outreach is no longer viable.

But there is a better way to earn links.

And that's what I'm going to teach you in this training module.

In addition you'll receive a spreadsheet of "link intent" ideas you can use for you and your clients.

What's included?

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Introduction - Why this course ?
1 min
Examples of poor outreach
2 mins
Alternative to email outreach
1 min
Why do stats, facts and data get links ?
1 min
Who are THEY who link ?
1 min
Step 1
1 Search by organic keywords
5 mins
Step 2
Best by links marketing
4 mins
Best by links design industry
4 mins
Best by links fashion
3 mins
Best by links home decor
4 mins
Best by links insurance
5 mins
Best by links accounting and finance
5 mins
Step 3
Content explorer to find link intent ideas
8 mins
Step 4
6 mins
Step 5
Data sources
7 mins
Step 6
Create graphics and charts
7 mins
14 How not to do it
4 mins
Summary : step by step process
7 mins
Pre-researched Link Intent Examples

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This course is included in SEO Box is a membership training programme to help web professionals, agencies and clients with SEO.