40 + SEO training modules covering traffic, link building, content creation, conversion, UX and keyword research strategies; including Fast Track SEO Training Course.

SEO Box Membership Plans

SEO Box Standard

SEO Box is an SEO training programme consisting of 39 training modules.
£67 pm

SEO Box Extra

SEO Box Standard Membership 


I produce 2 SEO Mini Plans per month for you or any client website you’re working on.

£99 pm

SEO Box Premium

You will have access to all SEO Box Standard training modules.


You get 2 SEO Mini Plans


You get the SEO Mini Plan content written for you.

  • This will be 2000 words for each SEO Mini Plan
  • 1 x copy revision
  • Grammar tested
  • Copyscape tested so you know the content is unique and original
  • You’ll get a downloadable Google Doc
  • Easy copy and paste into your content management system
  • 4 days turnaround after SEO Mini Plan approved
£299 pm

What is an SEO Mini Plan ?

With a Mini SEO Plan I review the website and find the best opportunities to earn or improve rankings and traffic.

  • Keyword research done with premium keyword research tools.
  • Identify the click and traffic potential and the ease of ranking on page one.
  • Write the page title and description
  • Recommend the page layout
  • Outline the content to write or re-write. 
  • When you receive your Mini SEO Plan, you write or implement the changes or page recommendations.

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Why SEO Mini Plans ?

Why SEO Mini Plans ?

Most of my clients are either too busy to research and create website content or they are not sure what to create or write.

SEO Mini Plans deliver you the best opportunity at earning organic traffic.

With an SEO Mini Plan, the keyword and traffic research, the page title and content outline is done so you just need to fill in the blanks.

You or your writer will know exactly what to write

SEO Mini Plans enable you to offer a keyword research and content creation service to clients
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Happy to recommend you to anyone looking for advanced on-page SEO help.
Brian Dean
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Is there support provided ?

You can leave comments or email me directly for advice.

Can I watch the course on a mobile or tablet?

You can watch on any device but the best learning experience is from a desktop or screen size 11 inches or more.

Payment Methods

Stripe and Paypal; I don't hold or see your card details.

Are there additional fees or 3rd parties fees involved ?

I recommend that you take out the 7 days Ahrefs trial for $7.

The 2 core courses can be completed and you can implement SEO or content within that duration.

After 7 days Ahrefs have a subscription for $99.

Any subscriptions or additional fees are outlined in each course or lesson.

Returns and Cancellations Policy

There is no returns; once you've seen the content an exchange has been made.

But you can cancel your monthly subscription any time.

What if you close down the membership ?

If Podia or my membership closes down then you will be sent a zip file of all course material.

How many people have access to the training ?

One membership per person.

Will the content not be out of date in a year ?

That's the beauty of a membership programme; in 12 or 24 months time I can upgrade the course material.

New SEO Box with Fast Track SEO Training Guide

This course is included in SEO Box is a membership training programme to help web professionals, agencies and clients with SEO.