Traffic Strategies

How to use Search Console for higher rankings and traffic

9 Ways to use Ubersuggest for better SEO

These 9 strategies will help improve your seo and traffic.


How to spot emerging content marketing and online business opportunities.

Low Domain High Traffic

These are 61 high traffic pages that were published this year and earn over 500 visits per month. 

23 Proven Easy to Rank Content Ideas for web professionals

23 proven easy to rank content ideas with high organic traffic and low keyword difficulty.

Structured Data

An introduction to structured data and how it can help you earn higher rankings and more traffic from Google.

Donkeys and Unicorns

The Donkeys and Unicorns analysis helps you choose which pages on a website to focus improvement on. This analysis can remove doubt and procrastination on organic improvement.

15 Minute Page Upgrade Strategy

This is a 15 minute strategy to increase an existing page’s rankings and organic traffic. This is a great strategy for quick wins. Ideally for those website owners who have neglected their website content.