User Experience

SEO Dashboards

How to set up SEO Dashboards for clients - in this short course I chose a solution that will allow you to provide up to 10 clients with an SEO Dashboard pulling in existing data sources such as Ahrefs, SEMrush,, Google Analytic, Search Console and many more.

SEO Website Audit

There are various tools on the market to audit a website. Screaming frog, Deep Crawl and even doing a search query using But I prefer to use the Ahrefs site audit tool as it’s part of the Ahrefs subscription plan. You can detect on page and technical issues and present the issues and solution to your team or clients. This course will teach you how to audit an existing website.
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UX Playbook For Lead Generation Websites

Traffic is wasted without a user experience that converts your lead generation website into enquiries. This course reviews the Google UX playbook with practical examples.

How to plan & structure a website for SEO

This is a course that goes into great details than my blog post. The course will outline how to plan and design a website, lead generation, so that it's ready to be passed over to your design, development and content team.

Web Prototypes

Learn how to make mobile friendly web prototypes with no design or coding experience