How to plan & structure a website for SEO by Fraser McCulloch

How to plan & structure a website for SEO

How to plan and structure a website for SEO

Planning a website for SEO

Planning the website structure gives the client the best possible launchpad for success.

This course will show you how to plan and design the structure of a new website to give the client’s website the best chance of organic search success.

Planning for SEO success

With proper planning your design, content and development team will know exactly:

  • The structure of the website to build.
  • The pages to create.
  • The content to produce.
  • The meta tags including the title tags and meta descriptions to write.
You will not need to chase the client to “please supply content”.

What's included?

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Why planning and structure?
2 mins
Conversation with a prospect
2 mins
Conversation with a client
2 mins
Proposal Template
3 mins
Architect and builder
2 mins
Start the work
1 min
Keyword Research - competitor websites
2 mins
Keyword Research - analyse top ranking pages
2 mins
Examples of weak websites with high traffic
3 mins
Reverse engineer organic search and click volume
2 mins
Start with seed keyword
4 mins
More seed keywords and filters
5 mins
Criteria for topic selection
1 min
Articles researched based on criteria
7 mins
What content do we create ?
5 mins
Process for content creation and briefing writer
5 mins
What's next ?
1 min
Wireframing Tools
5 mins
Presentation Summary
4 mins
Site Planning and structure template
1 min

Once you've planned then you can design and build

Once you've finished planning the website, then you can design and build.
Then you can take the WordPress website seo course.

SEO Box Membership

This course is included in SEO Box membership.

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SEO Box currently includes the following courses.

  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit
  • How to plan and structure a website
  • Create SEO content
  • Content Promotion on autopilot
  • Fix website bounce rates.

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